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Miserlou: Balkanstyle Saxofonics

Gatherers of eclectic influences, incorrigible Balkan music lovers, chronic jam junkies, trashpunks grooving to the 7/8 beat, more hippy than hipster, sax-addicted category-busting headbangers, cross-cultural hybrid splice-meisters, klezmer meets surf meets punk, gallows-humour texts waiting on that disco mirror ball.....

A Berlin-based band named after a tune that started out as a Macedonian folk song, turned into a klezmer tune, then a swing standard, then a surf rock sound made famous by Dick Dale and Pulp Fiction.

That's the path we want to follow. We're setting out on a journey from the Orient to the Balkan, on the trail of the Gypsy and Jewish diasporas, following rocking folk roots from Eastern Europe right across to New Orleans and the Mexican border. It's a journey that's never going to stop......

Jenka Bühler: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Vocals
Mike Hembury: Guitar, Vocals
Felix Seidel : Drums

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